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Thread: New here..

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    New here..

    Hi all,

    New here...cabinetmaker by trade and pickup this little 12' boat ,trailer, trolling motor ,, for $120... its water tight ..but has had some pretty pi$$ poor repairs done to it.... I work with wood...not fiberglass ..have done a few little fiberglass work a long time ago .. so no expert by any means ...Look like they painted it with a 4" brush... so I'm working on getting getting it stripped... lots of dings and scratches... what's the best way to smooth these out? I guess I mean like is there spot filler for fiberglass? ..this is new to me so please excuse any questions you perceive as being ignorant ...cuss I am to this
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    The best way to start would be sand off the paint and repairs down to the original gelcote; you can start with 80 grit. Fill dings and scratches with Bondo, Epoxy is better for larger boats or if it stays in the water, instead of on a trailer. Any areas that show white fibreglass or cracks that go into hull should be ground out and replaced with fibreglass and resin. Sand again until everything is smooth. You can paint with good quality enamel, but 2 part Polyurethane is better for durability, gloss and scratch resistance.
    Check “Polyurethane Paint “in this forum for paint instructions.

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    Question I would kill for flexible sander!!Argh...

    Hey guys,

    Im new on this forum. I pretty much asked around other forums as well... still. I am trying to find some electric flexible sanders. I got few nice responses and I know a bit more about sanders now.

    I spent countless nights wake up and asking, why there is not a company that developed flexible electric sander for us. Sure, there are plenty of great companies. Im sure you know them 3M, Mirka (their Ceros is good tool, but sands little too much for my taste ). Huthins and their marine sanders are great too..
    But there is still none that would have our dreams come true there! Am I just day dreaming or are there any flexible electric sanders? Maybe it`s just impossible to make one? What do you think?

    I am sanding 72 foot long yacht recently and I am open for any suggestions.
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    I have found that the Porter Cable 6” random orbit Model 7346 works almost as good as an air sander, think Dewalt makes a similar tool. The pad mount is standard ¼ 20 stud so you can mount any pad from hard to very soft in either stickit or Velcro backed sandpaper. The harder pads are better for fairing as they will level the high spots, the soft (flexible) pads will have a tendency to follow the contours. If you are doing a lot of fairing the small sander will follow the contours so you will need to start with a fairing board. You can make your own out of a sanding belt and a piece of plywood, but 3M makes a 4” x 30” one with Velcro paper that is worth the big bucks. Once you get things leveled out you can finish with the 6” sander.
    Another suggestion would be the ½ sheet sander like the Porter Cable 505 finishing sander as an intermediate between the board and the 6”. Because of the larger pad size it will bridge larger low spots and save time on the pain machine otherwise known as the fairing board.
    You can get all this stuff at http://www.noahsmarine.com/items.asp?Cc=Tools


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